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Little Red SchoolhouseSterling Historical Society
Sterling, New York



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1294 State Route 104A
Sterling, New York
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Sterling Historical Society
P. O. Box 114
Sterling, NY 13156

Other places named Sterling and Fair Haven

Stirling, Scotland  
Stirling Historical Society
Stirling, Long Island
is know today as Greenport, New York.  This town was also named in honor of Lord Stirling and still has a district known as Stirling.  It is located on the north shore of Long Island and has place names such as Stirling Cove and Stirling Creek, and streets named Sterling Avenue, Sterling Place, Stirling Cove, and Sterling Street.
Fair Haven on Skaneateles Lake.  At the southern end of Skaneateles Lake near Glen Haven, on Fair Haven Road, there is an area sometimes refered to as Fair Haven.  It is also in Cayuga County.  Some maps systems mistake this for Fair Haven on Lake Ontario.
Sterling / Rock Falls Historical Soceity
Sterling, Illinois
Fair Haven Historical Society
Fair Haven, Vermont
Sterling Historical Society
Sterling, Massachusetts
Fairhaven, Massachusetts
Sterling, Minnesota Fair Haven, Minnesota
Stirling, New Jersey Fair Haven, New Jersey
List of places named Sterling Fairhaven, Washington
List of places named Stirling Fairhaven, California
List of places named Fair Haven Fair Haven, Connecticut

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