Cottage Farm Walking Tour

A Walking Tour of the Cottage Farm Heritage District of Fair Haven, New York
by Oakley Coleman, Don Richardson, Robert Kolsters
published 2002  by Sterling Historical Society     15 pages, illustrated

Centered on a 93 acre Revolutionary War Military Land Grant, The Cottage Farm is a distinctive home, still standing, that was built in 1839 by a wealthy New York City family. The Phoenix family came by way of the Hudson River and the new Erie and Oswego canals to claim a property with a beautiful view of Little Sodus Bay located in the center of present day Village of Fair Haven.

We invite you to stroll or drive through the Cottage Farm Heritage District and savor its nearly one and three quarter centuries of history – hotels, churches, distinctive 19th century homes and modern day tourist attractions. We also sample the lives of our forebears who lived here.


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  1. Marilyn (Fox) Holloway says:

    Our family lived in the white house, right next door to Cottage Farm. Roy Fox, my father, was Vice President of Lincoln Bank and opened the Minetto Branch. My mother was Helen Fox, 5 children, Carol, Janice, Evelyn, Bob and Marilyn.