Back to Before

Back to Before, Anecdotes from the Twentieth Century in Cayuga County, New York
by the Cayuga County Bicentennial Publications Committee, Charles Itzin, Editor     192 pages

The twentieth century has seen the most rapid changes in the history of mankind. At the beginning of the century, outside of Auburn, roads were unpaved, communication by telephone was in its infancy, and the industrial workshops declined. In Cayuga County, the automobile and improved roads caused a consolidation of place. Small rural churches and clubs declined in favor of large, more centrally located institutions.

Of special interests to Sterling/Fair Haven is an account of the reorganization of hundreds of small rural school districts into modern centralized systems. A career profile of Raymond T. Sant, Cayuga County’s first district superintendent and renown Fair Haven historian, tells the story. Also, the Great Depression Era New Deal program of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, one time New York Governor, is epitomized through the stories of Cayuga County Civilian Conservation Corps camps. A CCC camp at Fair Haven Beach State Park is described; it was also a German POW camp during World War II.

This exquisite pictorial of the vast and ever-changing history of Cayuga is an opportunity to experience and relive the past of this historic county. The text coupled with the almost three hundred photograph make this a treasured keepsake for generations to come.


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