Fair Haven Folks & Folklore

by Raymond T. Sant     Published 1940.     140 pages.
reprinted in 1983 and 2002.

This is a popular collection of early stories of Fair Haven and the Town of Sterling containing a description of Fair Haven’s well known Liars and Loafer’s Club.   These stories span history from pioneers through harbor development, the railroad boom, schools, churches, businesses and a broad range of topics such as the Liars and Loafers Club, the Imperial Grounds, medicine and home remedies, music, farming, cottagers on Little Sodus Bay and a chapter titled ” Political Sagacity or Shenanigans?”

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  1. Carol McGinley says:

    I recently found a copy of Fair Haven Folks and Folklore, and find it to be a very well written and entertaining trove of information. I grew up in a small town, and love the tales of everyday life years ago, and the personal mentions of people and ways of life many years ago.

    Where could I find another copy for a gift, and can The Best of the Tales of Sterling be purchased other than when the museum is open? I would greatly appreciate information as to where I could obtain both books. Thank you very much.

    • Sterling Historical Society says:

      Fair Haven Folks and Folklore by Raymond T. Sant, The Best of the Tales of Sterling by Don Richardson and other books on Sterling and Fair Haven are available at the Fair Haven Gift Shop, River’s End Book Store in Oswego, as well as by mail from the Sterling Historical Society.
      List of Books

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