Tuesday, April 18     7:00 pm. Little Red Schoolhouse

Our speaker will be George DeMass on Getting to know our Native American Neighbors. George will draw upon his relationships and experiences with the Iroquois and the Lakota Sioux.

Tuesday, May 23     7:00 pm. Little Red Schoolhouse

Sterling Ladies Our ladies will be sharing their thoughts and memories of growing up in Sterling.

Friday, June 9 Annual Banquet     5:00 pm Social Hour, 6:00 pm Dinner
Hannibal American Legion Rochester Street in Hannibal

For reservations call Susan Allen at 315-947-5855, Susie Parsons at 315-947-5416 or Pat Shortslef at 315-564-6721.
Cost of dinner is $19.00 each.

Susie Parsons will present Stars Over Sterling, a review of nine of the illustrious residents of the Town of Sterling and their memories.

Tuesday, July 25     6:00 pm. Pavilion on Church St., Fair Haven

Our annual picnic will be held at the Pavilion on Church St. in Fair Haven. Lauren Dates will be speaking on Raymond Acre; Intersection of Sterling’s Man of God and Man of Aviation.

Tuesday, August 22     7:00 pm. Little Red Schoolhouse

Christine Ruttan Castglia will be talking on the Columbia Doll Story. At a time when most women did not go on to post high school education or careers, two sisters from Oswego Town did just that at the end of the 19th Century. Step back in time as you learn about how Emma Adams and her younger sister Marietta Adams Ruttan built a thriving doll business from their home on Maple Avenue in Oswego Town. Marietta’s Great-Granddaughter, Christine Ruttan Castiglia, will tell the story of these remarkable women. Artifacts and original photographs will be on display.

Tuesday, September 26     7:00 pm. Little Red Schoolhouse

Linda Frank and her topic is Murder, Mayhem and Madness, Crime in Cayuga County in the mid 1840s.The brutal murder of a family in Fleming in 1846 forced the community to confront race, poverty, crime and mental health in full view of the nation. Linda Frank received her PH.D in 2012; she is also Cayuga County Historian and teaches college level History and Political Science.

Tuesday, October 24     7:00 pm. Little Red Schoolhouse

Jim Farfaglia will be sharing his new book; Pioneers: the Story of Oswego County’s Search and Rescue Team. This is the first professional search and rescue team recognized by New York State.

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