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We will be laying track for our newly acquired old railroad caboose and then ou A-Team will being to restore it for exhibition at Sterling Heritage Park next to the Little Red Schoolhouse Museum in Sterling Center. The A-Team needs new members to help with restoration, repair and maintenance projects for the museum. No experience needed. Any hours you can spare will be appreciated.

Museum Docents

Our museum is open seven weekends during the summer from 1 to 4 pm.  Docents are needed to greet visitors, answer questions, operate the video equipment and assist with rides on the railway handcar.  You can volunteer for one day or several days each summer.  Training will be provided.

Student Volunteer Internship

Each summer, the Sterling Historical Society offers an opportunity for middle school and high school students to volunteer as interns and gain experience in historical research, museum operations and other historical society related activities.  Contact us for more information on next season’s openings.  College applications look better with work and volunteer experience included in extracurricular activities.

Project Volunteers

It takes a village…  Through the years many people have worked together to create and maintain the Sterling Historical Society archives and museum, and to plan our meetings and activities.  Some tasks are small and only take a few minutes.  Others involve regular committee meetings to accomplish.  We hope you will take a few minutes to look through the projects and tasks listed below and contact us about volunteering to help with one of these.  Your help will be meaningful to generations for centuries to come.


Help proofread this website and report any typographical errors.  Make suggestions on improving the site and on anything that is unclear or missing.

Book Reviewer

Start writing…   This website is missing synopses / reviews of the books we sell.  Please submit a synopsis of any book(s) you wish, as it would help us to have complete descriptions for all of the items we sell in the museum gift shop and online.

Feel free to write, rewrite or edit any review, and send it to us.  You can email the text or you can submit the text using the form located at the bottom of any page on the website.

Calendar Committee

Each year the Society produces a twelve month calendar based on a new theme.  Our calendar for 2013 featured photos from our photo context.  Perhaps you have an eye for design and can help to complete the layouts for the calendar pages or you can research information for the topic on a specific calendar page.  What are your ideas for improving the calendar?

Donor List Transcription

Over the past 38 years the Historical Society has received contributions of time and dollars from countless supporters.  At times we have created placards and plaques to display the names of those who have donated to a specific project or fund raising campaign.  You could transcribe these names which hang in the museum along with the date and occasion of the acknowledgement.  These will then be posted on the website in appreciation to all those who have been so supportive through the years.


In order to make research possible, documents and articles need to be filed.  Index listings need to be written with names and keywords to help locate the information when needed.  History happens every day; not only do we get old documents and photos, but current happenings need to be recorded for future reference.  It is a never-ending process.  The more we can cross-reference our files, the broader the picture we have of our past.

Newsletter Mailing Committee

Once a year, our annual membership drive and newsletter is mailed to over 1600 members and residents.  We need help printing, folding, labeling and placing stamps on the newsletters for mailing.  Time required:  A few hours annually in March. (Length of time needed is dependent on which tasks you help with.)

Museum Exhibits, Acquisition Cataloging, Maintenance, and many other opportunities are available to help in working to preserve our heritage.



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