North Victory

North Victory Historic Marker location

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First settlement by Conrad Phrozine in 1812.  Here is the site of the mill he built. 

New York State lists this marker as having been placed at the intersection of Routes 104 and 38 in 1935 by the New York State Education Department.  map

Help Solve The
Missing Marker Mystery

Your help is needed to discover what has become of this Historic Marker and see that it is returned.  The marker can be seen in the photo above, on the right, near the old Rebeccas meeting room and dance hall where it stood for 75 years.

It has been missing since 2014. Have you seen it?  The pole for the marker and all remnants of where it was mounted have been carefully removed.  If you have any information about what may have happened to it, please let us know. There is a reward for the return of this marker.

The list of historical markers in New York state shows this marker as being in the town of Victory. The community known as North Victory was originally centered around the Phrozine mill located at the northern edge of Victory, just over the town line, south of where this marker was located. When the North Victory Post Office was moved to State Route 104 in Sterling, people began to think of this as the center of the hamlet. Where the sign says, “Here is the site of the mill he built.” it does not refer to the exact location where the historical marker stood, but rather to the hamlet of North Victory in general. The text on the marker was written regarding the original hamlet. In 1935 the marker was placed on the highway where the center of activity was at the time. 



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