Little Red Schoolhouse

Schoolhouse No. 5

The Little Red Schoolhouse at Sterling Centre is on both, the National Register, and the New York State Register of Historic Places.  It is listed on the Registers as Sterling District No. 5 Schoolhouse. map 

Built about 1853 and is a two story hewn timber frame building with a front-facing gable roof, built above a mortared rubble stone foundation. 28 feet by 38 feet. It was used as a school into the 1950s. It then served as the Town Hall.  The site belongs to the Town of Sterling and is managed by the Sterling Historical Society as Sterling’s Little Red Schoolhouse Museum.  The applications for the Historic Registers were completed in 2002 by the Sterling Historical Society. 

Wikipedia: Sterling District No. 5 Schoolhouse

National Register of Historic Places

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