Myron C. Peters

American Civil WarMyron C. Peters lived in Sterling with his parents,  John and Mary Thatcher Peters, who had come to Sterling from England in 1837.  Myron married Delphine “Della” Washburn.  Myron and Della later lived in Wolcott and in Hannibal.

born        1840 January 3 in Hannibal, New York
enlisted  1861 September 14 – 81st New York Voluneers, Company G
                1863 March 1 – Promoted to full Corporal
                1864 October 10 – Mustered out at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Delphine Washburn about 1872
died         1903 August 23 in Syracuse, New York
interment   Myron and Della are interred at Fairdale Cemetery,
Hannibal, New York

Myron’s descendants have the musket ball that was removed from his leg when he was wounded at Cold Harbor, Virginia during the Civil War.

If you have additional information or photos, please let us know.

Myron’s brother, John H. Peters, also served during the Civil War.

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3 Responses to Myron C. Peters

  1. Pamela Matteson says:

    I am a descendant of Myron Peters. He was my grandmother’s (Ethel Hill) grandfather.

  2. Joanne French says:

          I am a descendant of Myron C. Peters. He was my grandfather’s (Charles M. Peters), born 10 May 1881 in Sterling, NY. He and his wife, Delphine “Della” Washburn moved to Syracuse, NY later. His daughter, Edna C. Peters Miller was my mother.
          I have the musket ball from his knee that was removed after his death and given to my grandfather who lived with us after Della died in 1944. I am searching for a picture of him in his Civil War uniform that one of his family was supposed to have. Any help with that would be greatly appreciated.
          I have been to the Cold Harbor, VA battlesite and if we could find a picture of him they would like to post it to their wall.

  3. Joanne French says:

    I am making a correction on Myron C. Peters. He was born January 3, 1840 not 1849.
    Just received the book Trails, Sails and Rails. Love it. Am going to order more books tomorrow.

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