Peter Dumass

Peter Dumass was the son of Pierre Dumas and Mary Huntley (or some sources say Hartley?) Dumas, Sterling’s first settlers.  Peter may have been Sterling’s second settler, having arrived at the age of 18 with his father to clear their land and construct their first log cabin.

born       1787 Apr 11 in Stanford, Dutchess County, New York
married 1807 Jan 15 to Eva Elizabeth Phillips in Manlius, New York, age 19
 1872 Sept 28 in Sterling, Cayuga County, New York, age 75

military service  enlised at Cazenovia 1814 Apr 9, age 26
vate in Lt. Samuel Tappan’s Company, 23rd U.S. Infantry Regiment
Was at Battles of Chippewa and Niagara (Lundy’s Lane).
Mustered out in 1815.

Do you know where he is buried?

 If you have additional information regarding Peter, please let us know.

Registry of Enlistments War of 1812. p227 entry 28990 Vol. 8–National Archives War of 1812, file 1454, Reference for Service

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