William Flack

American Civil WarWilliam Flack was born about 1842 in County Caven, Ireland. His parents were Samuel and Margaret Jane Hall Flack.The family immigrated to the USA from Ireland in 1848 and lived on Parkhurst Road in North Sterling.
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William enlisted in the 147th New York Volunteers, Infantry Regiment on August 27th, 1862 at Southwest Oswego. He was wounded at Gettysburg on July 1st, 1863 and was mustered out of the army on July 13th, 1865.
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He married Mary Louise Martin of Oswego County on May 7th, 1867.
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William died on October 15th, 1928 in Oswego. William and his wife are buried in the Rural Cemetery in Fruit Valley, Oswego.
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born     about 1842 in County Caven, Ireland

enlisted           1862 August 27 at Southwest Oswego, NY
                          147th New York Volunteer Infanty
wounded         1863 July 1 at Gettysburg
mustered out  1865 July 13

married   Mary Louise Martin  1867 May 7

died         1928 October 15 in Oswego, NY, age 86
interred  Rural Cemetery, Fruit Valley, NY

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