President’s Message 2017

2016…Really– where did this year go? The Historical Society has been extremely busy. April started out with the “A” team not thinking we were doing any large projects. Things were going to be updated, straightened out, and basically keeping the buildings and the grounds in great shape. Well, that didn’t work out as planned. Your “A team” are all getting older and once they got the hand cart out and got it set on the tracks for the year, they decided it needed its own little home. They decided that was the last time they were going to carry it out of its winter home. So they started to discuss and plan what this little home was going to be like. It’s wonderful; the hand cart is settled in like a bug in a rug for the winter months.

Unfortunately another job cropped up that needed to be addressed. The swing set was in great need of repair and had become a liability and had to be taken down before anyone got hurt. Around the same time we were offered a New York Central Caboose. Bad news, swing Cabooseset could not be moved; so it had to be taken down, which has proven to be good news as that was an ideal place for the Caboose. There is a new swing set already purchased that will be placed in the spring. While the swing set came out, the ground needed to be graded and leveled for the ties and rails; another job accomplished.

The Caboose is patiently awaiting its new home. It needs a lot of work, but hopefully it will be restored to its original self. The Caboose comes with the original blueprints which has a date of September 29, 1917. So hopefully we can celebrate on the day for its 100th birthday! As the weeks went by our hopes for the Caboose coming this year looked pretty slim. Fortunately a ray of sunshine came shining down on us. On November 2, Tartaglia’s Railroad Services came and looked over our situation. Our location was in excellent shape as the first question Tartaglia’s asked was “when do you want it moved?” Fortunately these men know exactly how to do this and your “A team” won’t have to worry about that. But getting it from Hannibal to Sterling proved to be a bit of a problem.

The Caboose is to be placed sometime in the Spring of 2017. We will begin with this being our main project. And for all of you who were so very generous with your donations a HUGE Thank You. As always your donations are what keep the Little Red Schoolhouse and Sterling Heritage Park going strong. Stop by to see what we will be doing, lend a helping hand. 2017 will be another busy year for us!!

Pat Shortslef, President
Sterling Historical Society

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