Village House

Roadside Historical Marker Fair Haven Village House closeupVILLAGE HOUSE
Built by early settlers in the area and dating to 1830 this home is considered one of the oldest structures in the town of Sterling.

This marker stands on Church Street near the northeast corner of Main Street in Fair Haven. It was erected in 2012 by Richard Pierce, the owner of the house.   map

If this house was built in 1830, it may be the oldest structure known to still be standing in the Town of Sterling. So far, the first map the house appears on is the 1875 Cayuga County Atlas. Town records for the property title show the earlier date. The hand operated pump on the hand-dug well for the house is still in working condition.

Historic Marker Village House houseHistoric Marker Village map

Roadside Historical Marker Fair Haven Village House

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