Captain Joseph F. Divine

Joseph F. Divine was born in Hopkinton, Massachusetts in 1771 to John and Mary Nurse Divine. About 1802 he married Esther Wilmarth (or Wilmot).  They were founding members of the Sterling Baptist Church in Sterling, New York. They had the following children: Lucinda, Arminda, Selah, Samuel, John, Daniel, Asa, Joseph, Margaret, George, James, William. Samuel became the first surveyor in Lucas County, Ohio.

During the War of 1812, Captain Divine was the highest ranking officer in the town of Sterling, New York. He commanded the local militia there which became known as “Divine’s Company.” This Company stood watch on the Lake Ontario shoreline and participated in the aftermath of the Battle of Oswego in 1814.

Captain Joseph F. Divine died on November 1, 1857 in Hillsdale County, Michigan. Esther was born about 1788 in Suffolk County, New York and died in Hillsdale County, Michigan on August 28, 1865. They are interred in the Divine Cemetery located in Woodbridge Township along with many other Divine family members.

1812 Captain


born       1771 Hopkinton, Massachusett
married about 1802 Esther Wilmarth (or Wilmot)
served    War or 1812 Sterling, New York
died        1857 November 1 Hillsdale County, Michigan, age 86


Thank you to Brian S. Miller for his research on the Divine family.

1812 painting storming-of-fort-ontario

Battle of Oswego, 1814

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