President’s Message 2016

PresidentsMessage       Boy if I thought my first year was busy, then I was mistaken compared with the second… April came and the “A team” got started right off the bat. First project was to change the front doors on the Schoolhouse. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well when May came and they were still working on the doors, as new doors/old openings– never does anything like that go smoothly. But they are in and they look beautiful.

     Next came the brick walkway which brings us to June. We had decided to extend the walkway to the Waldron building, and we did that but only after we decided to widen the walkway for easier accessibility. And then that lead to the concrete pad in front of the Waldron building, so wheelchairs/walkers could get in without help from others. Just before July got here I decided that the entryway needed to be freshened up, so I got the paint and freshened it up. That brings us to July, first came the parade and then we had a dedication for Don Richardson for all his years of service. We dedicated the new schoolroom to Don. Also tried something new, we had a Christmas in July at the Schoolhouse. August came and we had a wonderful speaker talking about the Dietel Family which was our annual picnic and was held at the Whispering Pines in Fair Haven.

     We chatted briefly about the railings to keep everyone safe at the Waldron building, SAFETY FIRST as we do not want someone to fall down on the railroad tracks accidentally. In September, Cheryl Longyear, Montezuma Town Historian made a presentation on a crazy quilt created soon after the Civil War. Our last meeting of the year was Sandi and Del Primmer and her spinning wheels. That closed out the year or so I thought. November came and some of the “A team” starting working on the railings for the platform on the Waldron building. The weather cooperated and it is up and it looks beautiful.

     All too soon to come around is April and we can start planning what to do first all over again. Without these men on the “A team” our historical sites would not be what they are today. “Thank You men for all you do.”

          Pat Shortslef, President
          Sterling Historical Society

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