Historic Markers

If you know of an historical marker in or near Sterling, let us know so we can add it to this list. If you have a photo of a marker please send it to us.

Historical Markers in Sterling

Currently, there are nine known historical markers within the town of Sterling. Two others are missing. If you know of an historical marker in or near Sterling, let us know … Continue reading

Town of Sterling

TOWN OF STERLING Named after a Revolutionary officer, Lord Wm. Alexander Sterling.  Set off from Cato 1812.  First grist and saw mill built here in 1813 Erected in 1935 by … Continue reading

Sterling Valley

STERLING VALLEY First settlement made here 1805 by Peter Dumas, a soldier with Lafayette. Earlier called Coopers Mills after John Cooper 1810. Erected in 1935 by the New York State … Continue reading

Sterling Baptist Church

SITE OF First Baptist Church of Sterling. Erected in 1841.  Federated with United Presbyterian in 1931. Churches consolidated in 1962. Sold and Dismantled in 1970. This marker was erected by the … Continue reading

Fair Haven / Little Sodus

LITTLE SODUS Settled prior to 1811. First hotel, Abijah Hunt, 1825. First store, G. Taylor, 1825 New York State lists this marker as having been placed in Fair Haven in … Continue reading

Dutch Reformed Church

DUTCH REFORMED Church organized in 1847. First meeting at Wolcott. Building completed in 1855. Destroyed by fire 1881. Joined Cayuga Presbytery. This marker was erected by the Sterling Historical Society … Continue reading

Fair Haven Community Church

PRESBYTERIAN Landmark church of brick. Est. July 18, 1882. Replaced burned structure.  Arthur Clark pastor 1928-31. Untied with Methodist 1928. This marker was erected in 1993 by the Sterling Historical … Continue reading

Fair Haven Methodist Church

SITE OF Methodist Episcopal Church erected in 1882. Local red brick construction. Sold and dismantled in 1934. This church faced Main Street from the northwest corner of Fancher Avenue in Fair Haven.   map … Continue reading

Fair Haven School

UNION SCHOOL Opened September 1899.  Two story brick building. 140 students and 11 teachers.  Addition made in 1939. Merged with Red Creek 1948. This marker is located on Lake Street … Continue reading

North Victory

NORTH VICTORY First settlement by Conrad Phrozine in 1812.  Here is the site of the mill he built.  New York State lists this marker as having been placed at the … Continue reading


MARTVILLE Chauncey Hickock and Timothy Austin settled 1823, built first mills. Robt. Lay  built first store 1825. This marker was erected in 1935 by the New York State Education Department. … Continue reading

Village House

VILLAGE HOUSE Built by early settlers in the area and dating to 1830 this home is considered one of the oldest structures in the town of Sterling. This marker stands … Continue reading