American Revolution

The American Revolution was fought from 1776 to 1783. Thirteen of Britain’s North American colonies fought for independance from the United Kingdom to become the United States Of America. Citizens of many countries helped in the fight and remained in America after the war.

William Alexander, Earl of Stirling

The township of Stirling was named for Major General Lord Stirling of the Revolutionary War.  Though he never visited the area, he is mentioned here for lending his title to … Continue reading

Pierre Dumas

Pierre Dumas was the first European to establish permanent residence within the township of Sterling, New York.  He settled at Sterling Valley in 1805 and his sons probably arrived with … Continue reading

John Ingersoll

John Ingersoll served during The American Revolution as one of the corps known as George Washington’s Life Guards. If you have more information about John Ingersoll or an image of … Continue reading