Civil War

The term “Civil War” was not used until historians began writing about it. During the war it was refered to as the Rebellion, the War of the Rebellion, or the War of Succession. It began on April 11, 1861 and ended April 9, 1865. If you know of a Civil War veteran who was born in Sterling, lived here, died here or is buried here, please let us know so we can include these names in our list of Sterling veterans.

E. R. Robinson

Elisha Randolph “Dott” Robinson moved to Fair Haven about 1873 with relatives—from the Mendel Family.  Robinson and Mendel formed a business together.  Later, E. R. went into business with H. … Continue reading

William Flack

William Flack was born about 1842 in County Caven, Ireland. His parents were Samuel and Margaret Jane Hall Flack.The family immigrated to the USA from Ireland in 1848 and lived … Continue reading

James C. Irwin

James C. Irwin, the son of William and Elizabeth “Betsy” Irwin, was born in Sterling on August 9, 1838. He spent his life in the Town of Sterling where he served as … Continue reading

Thomas C. Lester

Thomas C. Lester (1842…) Son of James and Symantha Skeel Lester. 110th New York State Volunteers enlisting  1862 His brother, Charles Lester, also served during the Civil War. If you have any additional … Continue reading

Charles Adelbert Lester

Charles Adelbert Lester (1845 May 16…) Son of James and Symantha Skeel Lester. Private in the 184th New York State Volunteers born  1845 May 16 enlisting  1865 August 25 discharged  1865 … Continue reading

William Holmes

William Holmes emigrated from England and lived in Sterling.  He served in Company F of the 110th Regiment of the New York Volunteers.  He died on June 30, 1863.  The battle … Continue reading

William Hewitt

William Hewitt married Emma Peters. They lived in Sterling. born 1826 July 17 in Sterling, New York died 1898 December 23 in Sterling, New York William served during the Civil … Continue reading

John H. Peters

John H. Peters was the son of John and Mary Thatcher Peters who emigrated from England to Sterling in 1837.   John H. Peters married Alice Ann Irwin.  They lived in … Continue reading

Moses Bridges

Moses Bridges married Ellen J. Peters (sister of Myron Peters).  They lived in Sterling and Fair Haven. born  1829 died   1896 Moses served during the Civil War.  More information is … Continue reading

Myron C. Peters

Myron C. Peters lived in Sterling with his parents,  John and Mary Thatcher Peters, who had come to Sterling from England in 1837.  Myron married Delphine “Della” Washburn.  Myron and … Continue reading

Charles Stewart Hill

Charles Stewart Hill (1832 Jul 5 – 1933 Aug 5, Midland, Ontario, Canada, age 101) Charles enlisted on May 30, 1863, during the Civil War. He joined Company A of the … Continue reading

Ira Ward Hills

Ira Ward Hills (1841 Sep 28 – 1907 Feb 20, Fair Haven, age 65) Son of Benjamin Franklyn Hills and Clarissa Worden Hills.  A fisherman at North Fair Haven, he … Continue reading