Sterling’s Veterans

Fair Haven’s George Ingersoll Post is named for Sterling’s first soldier to fall during World War I. George Ingersoll was the great-grandson of John Ingersoll who served during the American Revolution as one of George Washington’s bodyguards, then known as “life guards.”

These pages are dedicated to all of the women and men of Sterling and Fair Haven who have served to protect our freedoms. If you know of someone born here, who lived here, came here after serving or is buried here, please send their information to us so we can acknowledge their service.

Marshall Waldron McIntyre

Staff-Sergeant Marshall McIntyre was born in Fair Haven, New York.  He was the son of Elmer and Laura Waldron McIntyre.  born        1919 in Fair Haven, New York married  1943 Sept … Continue reading

Gordon Louis “Bunker” Hill

Born on Cayuga Street in North Fair Haven December 13, 1916, Gordon Hill‘s family took to calling him Bunky at an early age, after a character in the Sunday comic strip … Continue reading

Myron C. Peters

Myron C. Peters lived in Sterling with his parents,  John and Mary Thatcher Peters, who had come to Sterling from England in 1837.  Myron married Delphine “Della” Washburn.  Myron and … Continue reading

Pierre Dumas

Pierre Dumas was the first European to establish permanent residence within the township of Sterling, New York.  He settled at Sterling Valley in 1805 and his sons probably arrived with … Continue reading

Peter Dumass

Peter Dumass was the son of Pierre Dumas and Mary Huntley (or some sources say Hartley?) Dumas, Sterling’s first settlers.  Peter may have been Sterling’s second settler, having arrived at the … Continue reading

John Ingersoll

John Ingersoll served during The American Revolution as one of the corps known as George Washington’s Life Guards. If you have more information about John Ingersoll or an image of … Continue reading

Benjamin Franklyn Hills

Benjamin Franklyn Hills (179? – 187?) A fisherman at North Fair Haven, he served during the War of 1812.  He is interred at Sterling Center Cemetery, Sterling, New York, plot … Continue reading

Charles Stewart Hill

Charles Stewart Hill (1832 Jul 5 – 1933 Aug 5, Midland, Ontario, Canada, age 101) Charles enlisted on May 30, 1863, during the Civil War. He joined Company A of the … Continue reading

Ira Ward Hills

Ira Ward Hills (1841 Sep 28 – 1907 Feb 20, Fair Haven, age 65) Son of Benjamin Franklyn Hills and Clarissa Worden Hills.  A fisherman at North Fair Haven, he … Continue reading